BRB Digital 038 (Nachtjacken – Brother & Sister EP)

BRB Digital 038 (Nachtjacken - Brother & Sister EP)

Nachtjacken – Brother & Sister EP

Only a year ago, the Brandenburg producer Ayb Solo and the Berlin Djane Bella Pee debuted on BRB Digital with their single „Dance Machine“.
Features were a pronounced sense of carefree beats and a playful handling of house habits, such as a wonderfully sparkling vocal.
The fact that you have been signed on again by BRB Digital for your „Brother and Sister EP“ seems perfectly consistent.
And the label proves to be an ideal biotope for the two friends. Night jackets still dream, but in their own way,
in which the curiosity to try out sounds and the self-confident appropriation of genres such as electro and house in an EP flow together.
This shows a continuous handwriting and attitude, without strictly to homogeneity to set.
The spirit of the 90s breathes life into the whole and at the same time provides a transformable form.
Dazzling synth-pop sound with melodic hooks and futuristic retro flair.

BRB Digital 036 (Benjamin Stahl – Disturbe EP)

BRB Digital 036 (Benjamin Stahl - Disturbe EP)

Benjamin Stahl – Disturbe EP

Benjamin Stahl’s back. This time with a three Techno EP. The Disturbe EP stands for the history of his last years. Once Techno always Techno. Beside the main title Disturbe Streamer and The End are added. In addition there are three fat remixes by Ayb Solo, Daniel Briegert and Viewbox, who have reinterpreted the theme of Disturbe. 100%% Techno made in Brandenburg.

BRB Digital 037 (Rexus – Peacekeeper EP)

Rexus - Peacekeeper EP

Rexus – Peacekeeper EP

After a long break Rexus returns with a new release on BRB Digital. He has remained true to his style and delivers a 2 track EP. Peacekeeper is very playful and moves forward. Spring Impact is a bit older and should be known to some from his live act. The track can be integrated somewhere into Melodic-Hard-Techno with core elements. By and large a diversified EP. Don’t miss it! BRB Digital 4 Life!

BRB Digital 035 (Ayb Solo – Deep Matter EP)

Ayb Solo - Deep Matter EP (BRB Digital 035)

Ayb Solo – Deep Matter EP

After his EP Travelbrother follows the next 3 track EP from Ayb Solo. With Deep Matter the guy from Rangsdorf gives us another great EP, which gives us an intensive insight into his studio workflow. With „Closer“ the EP continues the success of Soluna. Detour and Venus are the rounding off and show once more the variety of Ayb’s sound.

BRB Digital 034 (Viewbox – Mirrors EP)

Viewbox - Mirrors EP

Viewbox – Mirrors EP

The next release comes from Viewbox with 3 fat techno tracks. His sound has become quite rare in the current techno scene, so we are very happy to welcome him on BRB Digital. The 3 Tracker reminds of sounds from old Stigmata records with a hint of modern Techno. Don’t miss this huge release!


Ayb Solo – Travelbrother EP

BRB Digital 033 by Ayb Solo
BRB Digital 033 by Ayb Solo – Travelbrother EP

Ayb Solo brings with his EP Travelbrother a great variation of tracks that are very deep, but also technoid. The title track of the EP, Soluna, is very broad and can be seen. With the EP Ayb Solo processes his travels through Asia, which can also be heard in the melodic sounds. Ikarus is the second track of the EP and is kept a little quieter. Nevia is a mixture of deep house with technoid influences. The bassline of the track pushes the track forward. The last track of the EP Siwa forms a round melodic conclusion, which keeps the EP balanced.




Various Artists Volume I

BRB Digital 032 Cover
BRB Digital 032

BRB Digital is back with a huge release of various artists and long companions of the label. It comes with broad-ranging styles from deep house over tech-house until techno and some Hard-Techno stuff. This release shows that the Brandenburg Techno scene is still alive. It covers stuff from Ayb Solo, Knut S., Benjamin Stahl, Nachtjacken, Natalie Luengo, Makit, Muve, K.EULE, To Step and Rexus. Prepare for it and check it out.



1 Natalie Luengo feat. AUDIA – CosmoSpace (Original Mix)

2 Ayb Solo – Better (Original Mix)

3 Knut S. – Where is the House (Original Mix)

4 Makit – Volve (Original Mix)

5 Muve – My Mind (Original Mix)

6 Nachtjacken – Dance Machine (Original Mix)

7 Benjamin Stahl – Mainthread (Original Mix)

8 K.EULE – Ovo Ihipa (Original Mix)

9 To Step – Obtain Time (Original Mix)

10 Rexus – Shelter Albrecht (Original Mix)

BRB DIGITAL 031 by Makit & Aamcee

Makit & Aamcee – Unable To Move EP

BRB Digital 031 comes with remixes by Ayb Solo, Fredzen, Benjamin Stahl and 1 extra track called „Grüße an die Füße“.

BRB Digital 031 - Makit & Aamcee
BRB Digital 031

BRB DIGITAL 030 by Natalie Luengo

Natalie Luengo – Crave EP

BRB Digital 030 comes with remixes by Stefan Jurrack, Ayb Solo, Knut S. and 2 extra deep Techno-Tracks called Random and Upset.